Windsong Peacock.  2003 Bronze.  Bird and base sculpted for pool area of an upscale residential community in Winter Park, Florida.  Overall dimensions approximately 5'H x 30"W x 18"D.
Police Dog Memorial.  Bronze German Shepherd donated to the City of Jacksonville in April 2000 in honor of police dogs killed in the line of duty after two Jacksonville Police Dogs were killed within weeks of each other in 1999.  Located at the Police Academy, Jacksonville, Florida.  Life size.  PLEASE CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR A  LARGER VIEW.
Eagle.  Bronze eagle swooping to catch a bronze bass.  Eagle and bass sculpted for an office complex in Fleming Island, Florida.  A second eagle was donated  to Fleming Island High School in 2004 for their "Golden Eagle" mascot.  Approx. 3'H x 5'W x 4'L.  PLEASE CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR A LARGER VIEW.
Commissions. . .
The following are samples of some of the previous commissions created by ZZ Studios, Inc.  For quotes or further information, please call Debbie at (904) 813-1335 or our email address is zzsdeb@yahoo.com.
"LESSON WITH GRANDPA."  2006, Lifesize bronze kayak and surrounding water with grandfather and grandson.  Entrance to  Castaway Island Preserve, Jacksonville, Florida.  4'H x 6'W x 18'L.  PLEASE CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR A LARGER VIEW. 
Memorial Sculpture.   2006, Lifesize bronze mother and daughter seated on a bench with son standing in front.  Patton Park Soccer Facility, Jacksonville, Florida.  PLEASE CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR A LARGER VIEW.  
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