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All bronze sculptures start as either clay or wax models which are then molded and cast at a foundry.  We use an oil-based clay formed on a wire or pipe armature.  The following photos are examples of works still in the clay stage.   These sculptures will have final touch-ups and then be sent to a foundry here in Florida.   There they will undergo a process which has changed very little in 3,000 years--the "lost wax" or "cire perdue" method of casting bronze.  This is a very arduous, labor-intensive and time consuming process, which accounts in large part for the cost of the final product.  A typical small sculpture will spend 12-14 weeks at the foundry, and larger pieces can take much longer.  All of our sculptures are cast in silicon bronze at least 1/4" thick, which will age beautifully and last several lifetimes at the very least. 

In recent years there have been many sculptures imported from foreign countries which are priced much less than sculptures produced here in the United States.  Two factors enter into this--reduced labor costs in foreign countries is an obvious one.  However, another issue may not become obvious for awhile, but will be evident within a few years.  This other factor is the use of various and sundry scrap metals which are melted down and cast in a very thin layer, and then finished in a patina which resembles real bronze.  Be an informed buyer before you invest in a bronze sculpture--and make sure it is really bronze!

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Hungry Piglet.  Approximately 6" H x 6" L x 4" D
German Shorthaired Pointer.  Approximately   28" H x 38" L x 12" D
Following photos are of two works currently in progress at ZZ Studios...